Mark Herring, Director of Talent Lab, has been at the forefront of networking in London for 20 years, creating innovative and diverse business communities.

In 2002, networking was a relatively unknown phrase and most events were modelled on the American pitch/referral approach. Based near Hoxton, Mark was asked by the nascent Shoreditch Business Network to create a model to attract and connect companies coming into the area.

Mark focused on developing a series of informal, lightly facilitated events to spark conversations and a website that encouraged relationships and distributed opportunities. This model is now the template for the majority of what we would now recognise networking events, but back then it was considered a radical approach!

In 2010, Mark created Urbano Network, which, combing his unique approach to networking with branding and marketing, has connected over 20,000 companies of different sizes and sectors. It is this experience of the power of networking to help individuals, businesses and areas that has shaped the strategy and training he delivers for clients.

Talent Lab’s consultancy and training is based on Mark’s principles of value exchange which can help make any organisation’s own networking more relevant and effective. This training can be delivered in a variety of ways, bespoke to each client, including interactive workshops, internal team building, graduate and new staff induction programmes,  and consultancy to align networking strategy to a company’s business and brand development ambitions.

Networking Training and Masterclasses

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