Pivoting to a new future. Measure twice as you can only cut once.

We often get approached by clients who have an issue but don’t know how to solve it.

Some clients know they need to improve as a business or in certain areas. They know they have greater market share and have the people to deliver the growth or operational improvements, but need to get them together to share ideas and agree plans for the future. Often we hear that their last AGM felt stale and just consisted of PowerPoint speeches and graphs about margins, leaving everyone relieved there were only 364 days till they had to sit through it all again.

Talent Lab’s approach – which goes back to where we were invited to be part of a ‘stale’ AGM as described above  – is to use this chance to bring client teams together to shape their own futures through interactive, bespoke internal events. Our experience in delivering this and other internal communication and strategy events has shaped our Pivot Workshop Model.

Pivot Workshop Model 

We have delivered several adaptions of our pivot workshops, broadly focused on areas where a need to develop or improve has been identified. 

For larger companies, our approach creates a conference structure where we flip the AGM and divide senior management from across departments into ‘agencies’ to put their own company under the microscope.

Part I focuses on hearing, listening and reading the same information –  data, videos/soundbites, examples of sector rivals or global paradigms – with added value through external speakers or subject matter experts. The company employee ‘agencies’ answer specific briefs and present them back to each other.

Part II  – usually after a fun activity enjoyed by all – is where the real work begins: how do we put these ideas into SMART actions. The outcome is a blueprint for real, definitive change.

For smaller companies and departments, we edit the content to fit each client and its current status as a business. The needs of an SME are typically starker as they face particular challenges due to lack of cash, time and other resources. But by bringing everyone together, you often get more for less to take you into the worlds of cash cows and market leaders. It can be more painful and expensive not to have taken a clear set of strategic decisions than wait and let your clients decide you are no longer this year’s model.

Blending the old and new ways of communicating

We have also delivered different versions that have helped clients embrace opportunities in the digital world. Previous workshops have focused on online brands, websites, intranets for diverse users and workplaces, areas in tendering like pre-positioning and work winning themes and interdepartmental decision-making.  Much better to show each other than a voice from outside telling you what you need to do without a clue how to actually do it.


Oddly enough, our first pivot conference was our biggest. Sketched out on a bus ride on the way to the pitch and delivered in six weeks. Complete with a stand-up comedian. Laughter is a great way to bring people together.

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