Vodcasts. We have the camera and mics and you bring the stories.

Many companies spend many hours posting informative blogs on LinkedIn garnering ‘likes’ that are rarely read or shared by the time-poor B2B audience. Now, as Hollywood royalty like Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are using brilliantly produced videos with viewers in the millions, how can companies with great stories to tell find an audience for what they have to show or say? Well, they can start by showing and telling.

Ah, we hear you shout, but we can’t afford Will Ferrell or Ryan Reynolds, or their teams of writers, directors, camera operators and crew! And we don’t have a dog that speaks Spanish, and we don’t want to see our MD in spandex, either.

Good news. You don’t have to.

Matching our talent to yours
Talent Lab has assembled a crack team of experienced content producers to create engaging content recorded on video (where needed) or pure audio to suit any budget.

We can help you keep a record of your site visits to uncover Anglo-Saxon gold coins, or reveal how you are saving the planet one sustainable step at a time. We can help you show your customers the highlights of your spring catalogue or answer questions on the best time to plant early potatoes. We can record debates on ESG and HR hot topics, or help create your company’s own radio station.

The possibilities are endless.

Developing content-rich material
Making best use of the different online video channels, including YouTube and Facebook, alongside the access that podcasting offers through mobile smartphones, our Vodcasts can refresh the way you tell your company’s stories.

Talent Lab will:

  • take you from set-up to recording and broadcasting in easy steps
  • work with you collaboratively to turn ideas into shooting scripts 
  • focus on delivering content-rich, informative and accessible episodes

Our aim is to maximise the potential for your company to showcase its services and people to those who matter most – your audience.

We have the cameras and the mics. You have the stories to tell. Now let’s go find some eyeballs and ears.


Contact The Lab to discuss your video/podcast ideas and explore the possibilities.
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