A large professional services company wanted to teach its staff how to network and in the process created other valuable connections.

Talent Lab’s networking expert, Mark Herring, has delivered many networking training sessions for individuals and companies.

Most companies send staff to networking events with a single objective: sales. However, unlike business strategy, brand development, marketing, or even workplace design, which all receive investment and time, most companies spend little time or money on networking strategy or training.

Talent Lab was invited to deliver a training workshop as part an interactive session on networking, but also a way of different departments to meet and socialise; networking is not just a way of meeting new clients, you can use events to meet people in the same company, too.

Having an experienced, external facilitator means an event allows staff to share their private concerns about how to approach people you don’t already know – the essence of networking – in a safe, non-judgemental environment. 

Over three hours, the attendees learned how to make the best use of conversations, how to build connections, and bring a consistent message to everyone planning to attend future events.

Talent Lab achievements and deliverables included:
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