Networking workshops and training. Don’t leave one of your key company new business development channels without giving your team the tools to know what they are doing.

When we started in Shoreditch in the early 2000’s, the most common events advertised as ‘networking’ were formal, round-table affairs, relying on a closed group finding opportunities for each other – called ‘referrals’ – with a strict way of measuring results. To match the new relaxed style of companies coming into the area, we created a more informal template to encourage more opportunities for businesses and is one we still follow today after hosting over 1,000 events!

A lot of networking is now online, with LinkedIn, Meetup, Twitter and many others offering networking channels and opportunities, alongside an explosion in companies organising their own events events.

For new entrants to companies, such as graduates and interns – and even college and school leavers – an approach that helps give them a helping hand through networking is essential.

Talent Lab’s director Mark Herring has hosted scores of networking training workshops, as part of or alongside strategy development for marketing teams and businesses, lessons in how to host an event, and other training sessions.

We also host sessions for companies – Networking Masterclasses that include strategy and Networking Masterblasts to help make graduate intakes and younger team members first introduction to networking an enjoyable and even fun experience.

Each participant leaves a Talent Lab training session armed with a set of tools that help them solve the many paradoxes of networking, not least the ‘why has my boss sent me here to this event’?

A sample of the networking training packages Talent Lab offers:
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