Great brands drive strategy into the heart of their business and our minds.

All great brands and companies occupy a space in our brains. The reason they work so hard at this to generate profit. All brands promise and deliver quality, consistency, value-for-money and desirability. Great brands define us.

Of course, great brands have the advantage of huge cash reserves and marketing spend that allow growth and buffer against adversity. But no marketing spend will turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse or stop a fundamental shift in the how and why we buy something – or where. Just take a walk along your high street and analyse your own purchase patterns in the past five years. We and the world have changed, sometimes through regulation –  we can see that in the cars we drive, the horses we no longer ride and the cost of our heating. Standing still and doing the same is now and never has been an option.

Agent of change

Talent Lab’s approach to delivering strategic changes to our clients is to work with them to look inside, outside and ahead. Inside, to what is working, generating profits and helping keep quality people from going elsewhere; outside, to how and why your competitors and others in different sectors are succeeding; and ahead, what you need to do to transition to an increasingly digital and zero-carbon future.

There are different formats available described on our Communications page but there are other elements that deserve having their strategy put under the Talent Lab microscope, especially when it comes to work winning. This can be marketing, sales, tendering, and networking; all areas where we have worked inside companies to improve the return they make on their investment in time, people, and spend.

For tendering, time is the most precious commodity.  Time to understand why you lost a bid and time to make changes to stop the pattern from repeating itself. For networking, most companies have no clear strategy beyond sending out untrained, unconfident, reluctant staff – often in their own time – to meet strangers with the urge to ‘sell!’ and wonder why they return with nothing to show from every event.

Audit of change

What we described above are examples where there is little or no consistency in approach. Prospects see a lack of quality compared to others, and little desire to do business together. Using Talent Lab’s Audit – Diagnostic – Prescription process allows us to work together to find out why and where the failures are being made and how to start thinking like a brand. This is also true in areas where we have also delivered strategic thinking like customer service, operations, management and staff commuications. We bring critical thinking and experience across sectors as diverse as medicine and pharmaceuticals, transport and hospitality, banking and finance, waste management and sustainability, construction and technology, accountancy and law.


It is often said that most opportunities in business come attached to people. We have found that people bring solutions to problems. Both are revealed through conversations. You’ll be amazed how the right way of talking to your staff and customers can tell you where you are doing well and where you need to make changes. They will also share ideas and one of them will be your next, best pivot.

Contact The Lab to find out how to improve your company’s strategy and get buy-in across the business through an engaging and collaborative format.
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