Creating a tender submission library, including policies, case studies, CVs and content to enhance competitive advantage.

Tendering and framework submissions can be daunting for smaller companies, especially when reading a tender for the first time. It can be many dense pages of policies, statements, protocols and evidence. Many close the cover and choose to never submit again. But if you understand these legal requirements and choose to address them as part of a commitment to growth through winning new work, it can often lead to other benefits to your company.

A digital marketing agency was looking to diversify its client base and win work through the public sector. To do this, they needed to understand what was expected of them and what they had to put in place to do this effectively. 

Following disappointing tendering results and to invest in their company growth, our client needed to address the weaknesses in their responses to raise their chances of future success.  Talent Lab recommended that we understake an initial review to understand the ‘tender health’ of the agency’s previous submissions.  

We undertook a gap analysis of three previous tender submissions against their respective procurement documents. The analysis looked at the agency’s compliance and quality responses including feedback. A report was produced with observations against each submission. The report included a list prioritising content for development to meet missing or weak compliance criteria and to enhance competitive advantage. 

The review was well received by the client and the priority list was agreed, that focused on helping them successfully deliver new compliance and value-added quality responses.

Like many smaller companies, what seemed onerous and pointless was used to address shortcomings in previous tenders that, in reality, were shortcomings in how the business presented itself. Once you have undertaken a similar exercise, like our client you can find new ways of presenting previous work and make your company ‘tender ready’.

Our client's tender-ready toolkit now includes:
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