Our story

Caroline Brock was officially founded 20 years ago by co-directors Caroline Brock & Mark Herring, but the story actually began five years before that.

Caroline worked for a small agency acting as the joint MD’s Girl Friday. Whatever the project, Caroline had to use her skills of organisation and process to keep everything them on track. Some time later, the agency needed someone who could write, direct and win a brand/change management programme pitch for a large client. Someone knew Mark and his theatre background. He was briefed before his interview not to criticise the outline. He looked at it and asked the panel who would want to sit through this? After spending the next hour pulling it to pieces, he was invited to design a new approach. He accepted and went away to look up what branding meant.

The resulting programme took up 18 months of his time, flying across the UK to keep the 25-stong production team happy and focused on delivering 350 daily events. As director, Mark spent most of his time out of the office and he needed a producer to manage the show back at base. He also needed someone who could respond to his creative ideas and make them better. They developed into a self-contained agency with an agency, trusted to write and deliver their own pitches and the work soon rolled in. After a couple of years, it was time to strike out alone. 

In 2001,  Caroline and Mark formed Talent Lab, an agency that would use their core idea of audience thinking to work on a host of projects where the values of the client could be communicated, in words, visuals and live events. The rest of the journey is contained in the pages of our website, from the clients we have worked with and the projects we have worked on. 

Though Mark & Caroline still work together on projects, Caroline’s skills as a bid writer, manager and strategist means she leads on the tendering and work winning part of our offer, though Mark does contribute ideas to add to a response. Mark has spent many years creating and running thriving business network communities, starting off in Shoreditch in 2002, to our own Urbano Network. He leads on helping different sizes and sectors of companies make their own networking more effective, through blending strategy, communications and training.

But for every piece of work that Talent lab delivers, it always starts with the two of them sitting down and thinking what is the best solution to help the client reach their goals. And that always starts with audience thinking.

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