Communications are the life-blood of all organisations and now take on many forms. Talent Lab has delivered a range of projects under the ‘communications’ banner. 

At Talent Lab, our communications portfolio include designing and delivering conferences, workshops, events, exhibits and exhibition stands, brochures and websites, speeches for CEOs, videos, podcasts, and presentations – all produced and delivered to the highest standards.

Our approach puts the audience first. We make sure our clients know the key messages and actions they wish to inspire in their audience. By understanding these targets, we can find the best approach to reach the highest numbers of visitors, participants, readers and viewers – and deliver the responses desired by our clients.

These audiences can be internal as well as internal, so we have worked with brand, marketing & HR teams, and organisations looking to bring together people. Some of our work is online or on paper, but mostly it is centred around events, perhaps as part of a change management programme, or to bring our client’s project-type to new markets.

We design our live events to be catalysts to conversations, sometimes tackling difficult issues and subjects with sensitivity, and always sympathetic to the project’s audience. This often means challenging participants and often with good humour, but where the show is one step in a journey of connecting, listening, learning, and engagement. 

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