Talent Lab is a versatile communications consultancy, helping clients find new ways to engage and interact with their internal and external audiences, or, as we call it, audience thinking.

For over 20 years, we have delivered a range of projects under our four key service headings: Communications, Strategy, Networking and Tendering, all tailored to help achieve the business objectives of those who hire us. We have worked with a range of companies across all sectors and sizes, from architects to law firms, banks to transport and telecoms, bringing the business of theatre into the theatre of business.

We use this accumulated experience and knowledge on each new Talent Lab project, whether a brand strategy or marketing workshop, a tender or exhibition, staff networking training or community engagement, shaping our approach against five key measures to create the best results: Inspire, Surprise, Engage, Encourage & Challenge.


Talent Lab has a range of skills and experience adaptable to any client’s needs, focusing on four key areas: Communications, Networking, Strategy & Tendering.



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