Talent Lab has helped a range of companies with different needs and at different stages in their development, to develop coherent strategies, which we then deliver as their partners.

Our innovative Strategy Conference Models allow your senior teams to examine the present performance of your business company and formulate a common vision to deliver future growth.

Talent Lab’s approach to strategy is to discuss with our prospective clients what they actually want to achieve.  We do this using variants of our own three-phase process: Diagnostic, Prescription & Treatment. We also work closely with management teams at the earliest opportunity as often we just need to help bring new ideas out into the light and unlocking hidden potential value.

Talent Lab strategy conferences and workshops examine your key issues in an honest, enjoyable way. Our approach allows management to step outside the day-to-day and share knowledge with others from inside and outside the company in an atmosphere of learning and mutual understanding.

Our Strategy Conference Models are adaptable and can replace an AGM, or be used to give team-building or corporate away-days focus alongside a sense of enjoyment and achievement. We can script, film, record, compose, present, host, facilitate and direct. You can think, debate, steer, compete, eat, drink, enjoy and even laugh.

For smaller companies, we can create leaner versions where we work alongside senior teams to develop a brand strategy that has buy-in from all the senior management and staff across the company as the processes we design are inclusive and give equal weight to all voices, encouraging a sense of ownership and commitment to make plans that succeed.

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